Friday, February 09, 2007

City lists homes to be leveled

The City of Gonzales City Council voted unanimously to continue its attempt to clean up old and dilapidated property in the town.
Council voted unanimously to take the next step toward demolition of the substandard structures at the monthly meeting Tuesday nigh at city hall.
Five properties were designated for demolition within the next 90 days including houses at the following addresses: 1320 St. Andrew; 1219 Hastings; 1417 Harwood; 1109 Robertson and 806 Linert.
However, council decided to allow property owners at 1309 Water St. and 604 Hopkins St. to continue rehabilitation projects for at least the next 90 days without fear of demolition.
City Manager Buddy Drake also informed Norma Aquayo that she would also be allowed to continue work on her properties on Morey Street.

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