Friday, January 08, 2010

My farewell good bye

Thank you very much Mayor.

I have so much to be thankful for.

I want to thank all of my supporters; donors; staff, friends and most of all to my family, who is always there to support me.

I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the opportunity he has given me to serve this community.

It certainly has been an honor, I feel so fortunate and blessed.

Second, I want to thank my family, especially my wife Gloria, for all of their support thru all the difficulties.

I want to thank all of my supporters in District 2. Unbelievable, it’s amazing!!

For 26 years, they supported me repeatedly, but I feel it is the right thing to do.

I want to take this time to thank the City of Lockhart staff and employees. It was like a second family to me after so many years. Thanks so much.

I also want to thank all of the individuals that serve under many of my committees. Some that have served my entire tenure. Wish them the best of luck!!!

And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank all of the councilmembers that serve with me and supported me. I met some wonderful people.

From Mayor Maxine Goodman, my first Mayor to Mayor John Allred who appointed me to beome his Mayor Pro-Tem and I served in that capacity for 15 yrs.

It has been a wonderful experience!!

I want to congratulate the new elected officials and wish them well.

I came in as a humble person and expect to leave the same way.

I am just grateful for the trust that my constituents place on me and I hope I did not disappoint them.

Adios and vayan con dios….