Sunday, September 24, 2006

Community and Civic Participation

Voting is a basic political act in a democratic society. It is the way we elect public officials, and it is the way that we ensure that those officials are responsible and held accountable once they takes office. Recently, a judge declared Missouri's new voter identification law unconstitutional because it required voters to show a federal or Missouri-issued photo ID at the polls, which is not free to obtain. To learn more read the New York Times' Editorial. Do your part to make your community’s voice heard! At TCJC we were able to register 2,000 new voters in 3 months! You too can find new eligible voters! Start with: Your family and friendsYour colleaguesYour neighborsTeensParentsSeniorsMembers of your church, synagogue, or place of worshipNew citizensFormerly incarcerated people For more guidance, view our Voter Participation Manual.

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